Foundation Project DRC

Botswana – Kimberlite Projects

“Botswana - Worlds top geological setting and jurisdiction for diamond exploration, development and mining”

Opportunities Identified in Botswana

  • Home to:
    • Jwaneng (52ha) – worlds highest value kimberlite mine
      • Exceptional large Type-II diamond producer
    • Orapa (118ha) largest kimberlite diamond mine
    • Clusters of smaller kimberlite projects and mines located around Jwaneng and Orapa
    • Including Damtshaa mine cluster near Orapa
      • Karowe/AK-6 – 6ha kimberlite – Lucara Diamonds
        • TSX listed
        • Regular exceptional Type II white DF-stones, e.g.:
          • 1 109c  – Lesedi le Rona diamond
          • 813c white stone (sold for US$63 m)
          • 374c white stone

Kim 1 Project – Adjacent to Jwaneng Mine

  • Cluster of 5 pipes (~ 8kms from existing mine site)
  • Largest pipe – 9ha (others 3 – 5ha) (AK-6 is 6 ha)
  • Two largest pipes drilled, LDD sampled, 3-D models, initial resource data
  • Yielded good quality diamonds
  • Excellent infrastructure and resources
  • Concept study completed
  • Budgets and tendering for LDD bulk sampling underway

Next steps:

  • LDD bulk sampling programme
  • 3 Phase programme to BFS
  • Develop to mine if first 2 phases are positive


Advantages of Diamondiferous Kimberlites:

  • Consistent/predictable grade
  • Smooth cash flow